Celebration Cakes - Exeter, Devon.

Celebrate any occasion with a cake.
We will design a cake to suit your celebration whatever it may be.

Prices vary as no two cakes are the same. Our 'Prices' page gives a guide but please contact for  more detail.

Birthday Cakes

Chanel Handbag Cake            Parcel Cakes for 21st and 18th      Basketball Cake                     Chocolate Birthday Cake

Sophie                                            Chris (1)                                        Gary                                                David

                                                                            Derek                                              Shelley


Erin                                                  Ben                                                 Dame Margaret                            Maisy

Tony                                                Pat                                                  Glyn                                                Grandad

 Catherine                                                                 Debbie                                           Robert (1)                                      Edward                        

 Jo                                                   Pat (2)                                              James                                            Nan

                                                          Scott                                              Chris (2)                                         Rilakkuma

Robin                                              HMS Splendid                              Horace                                           Tom

James (2)                                       Matt                                                 Amy                                               

Peter                                                Max

Graduation Cakes - Exeter University.             
Law (Exeter)                   Masters Degree (Exeter)     Masters Degree (Exeter)       
Economics/Spanish (Exeter)

Baby Shower Cakes

Christening Cakes

Retirement Cakes

Confirmation Cakes                                             Pentecost Cakes
  Ordination Cake

Chilly Penguins
               Poinsettia                                   Holly

Valentine Cakes
Feathers and Hearts      I Love You Teddy                 Red Roses

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Tel.  07867788715

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